My name is Louis🧍

I love making

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What I'm working on


An AAC tablet that focuses on tactility and adaptability, I call it WaveSpeak. This project is uses tauri which uses rust and dynamic html to build a fullstack application.


I am participating in the s&box developer preview. s&box is a toolchain built ontop of Source 2 that makes game development easier and faster for everyone.

Belousov Reaction Simulation

This was a project for AP Computer Science A. For my final project, I wrote a simulation of the Belousov Reaction. It was written in Java using AWT and Swing.

This can be found in my github.

Car Year Classifier

My final project for a Data Science class which involved using TensorFlow to create a neural network. The goal was to train the network to identify the year of cars in images. I enjoyed this project very much and I was able to get a 70% accuracy on 15,000 images (70/30 train test split). The above image is a neuron activation heat map of the network showing what the network was looking at to make its decisions.